Friday, June 7, 2013

How to Make Sure Your Target Neighborhood is Safe When Buying Your First Home

As a new homeowner make absolutely sure your new neighborhood is as safe as can be. The ONLY way to tell how safe an area truly is requires you to visit or call the local police station. You can ask the policemen for their number of reported crime events in the last twelve to twenty-four months in your selected area. You should also ask if they are noticing any alarming trends that you should be worried about. In all my years of real estate investing, I have found this to be the number one most effective way to judge whether a neighborhood is safe or not. Also be sure to check the local neighborhood zoning. There are few bigger surprises a new homeowner will encounter than learning that a mega-shopping center is in the works next door to their little slice of perfection, called home. Or worse yet, imagine waiting five years to buy the boat you've always wanted only to learn you are not permitted to park it in your driveway. Which means you'll have to pay some outrageous fees just to have somewhere to store your boat. Most planning and zoning offices can be found online within minutes. Once you find the contact information you can look over their five or ten year projections. You can also stop into the office and get brochures or free copies of the map of proposed economic development. Armed with these tools you will have significantly more information than most of the current residents of your prospective neighborhood. You can avoid many days of headaches by learning local zoning ordinances prior to buying a home. Here are some of the potential issues which may cause you to violate your local zoning code: Chop down a tree Park a large vehicle, RV or boat in your driveway Remodel your house Start a home-based business Add a pool, fence or a kids tree house Own farm animals Partner Us Reviews of Car Insurance Companies Auto Owners Insurance Company payday loans